SAIC MAXUS T60 Electric Pickup to be Available in Australia

August 03,2022

AUSTRALIA -- The LDV T60 all-electric pickup truck is expected to be the first all-electric pickup truck to be launched and sold in Australia, according to sources. The upcoming LDV T60 is reported to come with an appearance largely identical to that of T90, but still uses the name T60.

The LDV T60 electric pick-up was first launched in New Zealand and will be followed by Australia. LDV Australia executives said LDV T60 electric pickup could be officially launched by the end of this year or early 2023 and believed that it has a very bright market prospect. The all-electric pick-up truck on sale in New Zealand is named as EV T60, and when it arrives in Australia, the name may be changed, but the basic configuration will remain largely unchanged.

The front face design of T60 electric pickup available in New Zealand is no different from that of the T90. The front end is mostly covered by a large multi-spoke grille with daytime running lights above the sides and high and low beams on the bumper section, a very different design. Its side and tail sections have a great resemblance to T90 and uses 245/65 R17 tires. In addition, there is a run-through black trim strip on the tailgate with the logo “T60 MAX” instead of “MAXUS”. It is reported that the pickup measures 5365mm in length 1900mm in width and 1809mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3155mm and an overall weight of 2300kg.

In terms of power, the pickup has a permanent magnet synchronous motor at the rear axle with a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 310Nm. All series are rear-wheel drive, with a maximum towing capacity of 1.5 tons and a rated load capacity of 750kg.

It has a battery capacity of 88.6kWh and offers a maximum driving range of 325km on a single charge. LDV EV T60 is sold at NZ$ 79990 in New Zealand. 

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