FOTON Secures an Order to Supply 267 Medium and Heavy Trucks to Nigeria

August 02,2022

NIGERIA -- On July 29, 267 units of FOTON AUMAN medium and heavy-duty trucks were prepared to be shipped to Nigeria at Tianjin Port. Following the successful delivery of 400 units to Nigerian Breweries Pls(NB) in the first half of 2022, FOTON has secured the major order for the supply of 217 units to Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC) and 50 units to NB Companies in Nigeria.

NBC is known to be a bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company in Nigeria and is responsible for the production, packaging and sale of Coca-Cola products. Its mode for vehicle use is to issue tenders and enter into a transport contract with a local logistics fleet carrier, who purchases the vehicles to meet the manufacturer's transport needs.

After being informed of the customer's plan to purchase tractors and medium trucks and receiving a tender from customer, FOTON Nigeria responded quickly and worked efficiently with local dealers to follow up on the project. In the meantime, they visited the client several times, communicated and coordinated with relevant departments to provide optimized solutions, which ultimately led to this win-win cooperation.

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