FOTON iBLUE EV Truck Obtained EU WVTA Certificate

July 27,2022

EUROPE -- On July 26, FOTON iBLUEEV truck was granted an European Whole Vehicle Type Approval certificate(WVTA) by Germany'sTÜV Rheinland, an independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization.

This means that FOTON iBLUE EV Truck fully meets the high standards of EU regulation, could therefore be exported to EU and non-EU countries and regions that require WVTA certification. This is also FOTON's first EU vehicle type approval certificate for trucks.

EU’s import and export regulations are among the most stringent in the world. EU WVTA certificate, as an access card for automotive products to enter the EU market smoothly, focuses on environmental, safety and security standards and is internationally recognized as one of the most valuable certification systems. This certification is accepted throughout the EU without the need for further testing until a directive is updated or your design changes.

The certification was done by TUV Rheinland in Germany. As a leading international provider of technical services, TUV Rheinland has over 150 years of experience in the field of automotive testing and certification, and has been authorized by many national ministries of transport in the European Union. TUV Rheinland has performed the performance and security validation required by the relevant regulations on the iBLUEM4EV truck, which is consisted of more than 30 items such as EMC, electric safety specification, noise, lane departure warning and advanced emergency braking.

FOTON iBLUE EV Truck uses the high-capacity, high-energy density power battery and permanent magnet synchronous motor from CATL, the world's largest battery company. It has the ability to fully meet the technical requirements for 0-30km/h starting acceleration, 30-50km/h overtaking acceleration and hill start capability, and has an advanced braking energy recovery strategy and ECO driving mode to adapt to different driving conditions and provide higher efficiency and 10% longer range. The complete vehicle is subjected to a rigorous test on battery, motor and electronic control system and more than 800 static inspections.The range fade rate is less than or equal to 35% at low temperature and its strong adaptability to environment also improves the vehicle's operational efficiency. And with 100,000 km of endurance testing completed, the safety of the complete vehicle is also guaranteed.

In addition to electric light trucks, Foton's full electric buses were also reported to be certified by the WVTA and had been put into official operation in New Zealand in April this year. As the world enters into low-carbon development, Foton has also launched many full electric and hydrogen fuel products, which have been deployed in many national bus systems, school bus fleets, and airport shuttle fleet around the world. The success of the WVTA certification for FOTON iBLUEEV truck signifies that FOTON has got the access to the most demanding European market. In the future, Foton will continue to contribute to global low-carbon development with new energy technology as its core driving force.

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