FOTON New Energy Mixer Delivered to Mexico

July 27,2022

MEXICO -- A FOTON 100% electric concrete mixer has recently been delivered to a building materials company in Mexico. This is FOTON's first electric mixer introduced to its fleet, and will be used primarily for concrete transportation later.
FOTON New Energy Mixer Delivered to Mexico

The customer is known to be a subsidiary of Mexican Holcim Group, a global leader in building materials and solutions. Holcim Group engages mainly in the production and supply of cement, concrete, aggregates and construction-related products and services. As a green concrete company, it is committed to providing green and low-carbon materials to achieve sustainable development and creating more sustainable cities and smarter infrastructure to improve living standards around the world.

In early 2022, the company invested $6.2 million in eco-friendly solutions to modernize the country’s fleet of ready-mix concrete mixers and increase the use of sustainable fuels in their transportation. The introduction of this FOTON 100% electric concrete mixer will definitely contribute to the sustainable development of the Mexican construction industry and will be for the benefit of Mexico and the rest of the world.FOTON New Energy Mixer Delivered to Mexico

This FOTON 100% electric concrete mixer is the first generation of its heavy-duty electric trucks with a gross vehicle weight of up to 40 tonnes. It uses lithium ion batteries, has quiet operation and can transport up to 10 cubic meters of concrete. Moreover, it has the capacity to move in any city and highway in Mexico thanks to its compliance with Mexican regulations on maximum weight and dimensions.

"This mixer truck and other future electric products used for providing cement, concrete, aggregates and construction solutions are part of our 2025 strategy “Accelerate Green growth”. The intention is to create more sustainable cities and smarter infrastructure to improve living standards around the world by using the world's widest range of low carbon building materials." said Jaime Hill, CEO of Mexican Building Materials Company.

Concrete mixers, as one of the main construction tools, are popular in Mexico because they can transport concrete without losing quality and humidity. In Mexico, there are thousands of traditional mixers operating in the country day and night, which also has an impact on the local environment. Therefore, the adoption of a 100% electric mixer truck has become a priority and one of the most important actions taken by the Mexican construction industry to reduce the carbon footprint of this essential activity for society.

FOTON Motor, as an active practitioner and advocate of green and low-carbon mobility, has always placed new energy vehicles in the strategic position in the future development, and new energy vehicles are also the core content for automotive enterprises to move toward low-carbon development. With this partnership, FOTON Motor will work with its customers to address the challenges faced by the Mexican construction industry in its transition to green transportation, and thereby serve as an example and leader for innovative and sustainable building solutions.

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