FOTON Ambulances Support Nigeria in Opening Green Channels for Medical Care

July 22,2022

NIGERIA -- On July 19, 20 units of FOTON VIEW transit ambulances were delivered to the Nigerian government for use in public hospitals in Abuja and other regions to promote the improvement of medical emergencies in public hospitals.
FOTON Ambulances Support Nigeria in Opening Green Channel for Medical Care

Private hospitals in Nigeria are known to enjoy high medical standards in general, but the high cost makes them inaccessible to the general public. Whereas, public hospitals need to improve their health care quality to make sure all people get the health care services they need.In such a context, the arrival of these FOTON ambulances will effectively reduce pressure on emergency medical services and support local government in improving the livelihoods of local residents.FOTON Ambulances Support Nigeria in Opening Green Channel for Medical Care

FOTON has been developing in Nigeria for more than a decade. As of now, its engineering vehicles, logistics trucks and small and medium-sized buses have been widely recognized by industry customers such as Nigerian Breweries Plc, an international brewing company. Through this delivery, FOTON has been put on the list of Nigeria’s government procurement and proves that its special purpose vehicles are highly reliable.FOTON Ambulances Support Nigeria in Opening Green Channel for Medical Care

Ambulance, as one of the most important rescue equipment, is the first line of defense to protect people's lives.The delivery of these FOTON ambulances not only marks its successful entry into the ambulance segment in Nigeria, but also suggests a growing confidence of the local government in FOTON and its products. In the future, FOTON Motor will keep pushing the development of public health in Nigeria and provide “Green Channels for Medical Care” to protect the lives of local population.

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