JAC Delivers First Batch of Sunray Ambulances to Dominican Presidential Palace

July 21,2022

DOMINICA -- In late July, the first batch of 30 units JAC Sunray ambulances was officially delivered to the Presidential Palace of Dominica. The handover took place at the Palau Nacional, in the presence of Luis Abinader, the President of Dominica, and Raquel Peña, the Vice President of Dominica.
First 30 JAC Sunray Ambulances Delivered to Dominican Presidential Palace

JAC believes that its excellent product performance, customized configuration and strong service capacity across Dominica are the major contributing factors in regard to why it won the bid against five other bidding participants and finally obtained the large order from the Dominican government. According to JAC, the second batch of 60 Sunray ambulances is currently on its way to the Dominican Republic and is expected to be delivered to the country's 9-1-1 emergency aid system in early October.First 30 JAC Sunray Ambulances Delivered to Dominican Presidential Palace

Recently, the Dominican health system has been under great challenge and pressure due to the continued spread of coronavirus variants, the frequent outbreaks of dengue fever and monkey pox, and the consistently high temperatures. The timely arrival of these Sunray ambulances has been a great relief to the Dominican government and population in such a dire situation.First 30 JAC Sunray Ambulances Delivered to Dominican Presidential Palace

The delivery of the JAC Sunray Ambulances marks not only its successful entry into the ambulance segment, but also the large-sacle use of Chinese brand ambulances by Dominican government for the first time. With all 90 Sunray ambulances delivered, they will provide facility to the public health sector in the Dominican Republic and contribute to the development of friendship between China and the Dominican Republic. 

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