First Hydrogen Fueled Heavy-duty Trucks Put into Service in Beijing, China

July 12,2022

BEIJING, CHINA -- On July 5, the first 40 hydrogen-fuelled heavy-duty trucks were officially delivered to Beijing for operation, which will promote the low-carbon and green development in the transportation industry.

Equipped with a high-capacity hydrogen system, the hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck delivered here is two to three times more efficient than a traditional internal combustion engine. In addition, it has a long range of over 440km, short hydrogen refueling time and a low noise level. Equipped with the standard lithium manganate battery, it can start by one push at -30°C, and operate in Northern China in winter for all-day transport of asphalt and concrete.

Liu Zhencheng, the project leader of Beijing Hydrogen Fuel Heavy Truck Operator said: "We aim to put a total of 550 units of hydrogen fuel cell trucks into operation. Assuming that the existing diesel vehicle consumes 55 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and travels 25,000 kilometers a year, then the reduction of carbon dioxide is about 20,000 tonnes a year, which is of great significance to the low-carbon and green development of the transport industry.

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