FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

June 28,2022

MEXICO -- On June 22 &23, a product launch event was held in Mexico with the theme of “X13 Power and LNG Power”. At the event, two new Cummins-powered tractor heads, AUMAN EST-A and AUMAN EST-A LNG, were launched to prepare for the subsequent introduction of double trailers and NG products into the Mexican market and to enable the product spectrum to be expanded.
FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

Some 150 people attended the launch event, including Ramon Medrano, President of Mexico's National Chamber of Freight Transport (CANACAR), Leonardo Gomez, President of National Private Transport Association (ANTP), Zapopan city authorities, Cummins Mexico team members, local mainstream media outlets and industry customers.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

AUMAN EST-A is powered by a Cummins X13 engine with a displacement of 12,900cc and torque of 560 hp, 1,920lb-ft, and a 6×4 drivetrain configuration. As an option, you can also choose ISG diesel engine, which is available in 430hp and 460hp versions with a torque of 1,620lb-ft and displacement of 11,800cc in 6X2R and 6X4 drivetrain configuration. In addition, the trucks is fitted with high-strength steel cab, ZF transmission, auxiliary engine brake, ABS+EBD+ASR system, electric flip floating cab and its injection system to effectively reduce CO2 emissions.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

AUMAN EST-A LNG has a 6X4 drivetrain configuration and is powered by a Cummins 15NN LNG engine that produces a power of 530 hp, torque of 1,845lb-ft and displacement of 14,500 cc. The truck comes standard with a large gas cylinder that can hold up to 1,350 liters of gas for the truck to travel 1,500 to 1,600 kilometers on a single fill. The other thing noteworthy is that LNG truck can use 20%-30% less fuel than fuel-powered truck.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

AUMAN EST-A is equipped with ABS+EBD brake assist, progressive multi-focus radar system, lane departure warning system and automatic emergency braking system to improve operational safety. Its pneumatic drag coefficient is as low as 0.564, resulting in a 1% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, the use of exclusive spoiler, front spoiler and aerodynamic side structures can reduce the fuel consumption by a further 0.5%.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

At the same time, FOTON Motor will increase its cooperation with Énestas by taking advantage of each other's strengths to offer solutions suitable for Mexican market, as well as provide NG fuel and fuel-saving devices, depending on the customers’ operational needs.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

On the second day, FOTON Golf Tournament, part of the launch event for the new versions, was held with 150 people participated, including athletes, industry customers and media journalists. In addition to the AUMAN heavy-duty trucks, new FOTON IBLUE products, including the electric mixer truck, were also presented, which will be followed soon by the launch of the all-electric AUMAN EST heavy-duty trucks in Mexico.FOTON AUMAN EST-A Launched in Mexico

Tractor heads held the largest proportion of heavy-duty trucks and has been placed in a prominent position. With the entry of FOTON AUMAN EST-A in Mexico market, Foton Motor will soon take the lead in the tractor head segment by virtue of its own R&D strength.

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