Empowering Smart Logistics: Transferring Cabs by SHACMAN Autonomous Trucks

June 17,2022

CHINA -- As technology continues to advance, the trend toward automation and unmanned manufacturing is becoming more and more apparent. Tonghui Logistics, as a logistics company, is constantly exploring the application of intelligent equipment, combining the advantages of the company in new energy and intelligent network technology. 

Recently, Tong Hui Logistics and the Institute of Automotive Engineering jointly carried out a L4-level automatic driving joint verification project - transferring cabs by driveless truck.

The test vehicle is a SHACMAN Delong X6000 tractor with L4 level of automatic driving. The whole body is equipped with multiple cameras, LIDAR, millimeter wave radar, combined navigation and high-performance automatic driving domain controller, which can realize 360° environment perception in the range of 200m in front to 100m behind the body in order to ensure the safety of driving. Some of the functions frequently used in logistics transfer scenarios, such as spot parking, obstacle avoidance, and autonomous route planning, can also be achieved by this truck.

The trial operation not only provides a solution to the problem of high costs when transfering the cab, but also paves the way for SHACMAN autunomous driving trucks to be further put into operation in specific areas such as ports and railway goods station.

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