Expect More From Angka-Tan Motor, the Sole Distributor of FOTON in Malaysia

June 15,2022

MALAYSIA -- Quietly, the Tan Chong owned subsidiary has geared up for the re-opening of the economy post pandemic and is ready to address the needs of the changed market.

Quietly, with determination and pursuing their strategy, Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Foton AUMARK LCV and Foton Auman in Malaysia, has been ramping up their offering for the transport industry in the country. In this exclusive interview with Asian Trucker, we learnt about their renewed ambition to slingshot out of the pandemic and how they have moved to be leaner and more efficient as a consequence of the prolonged Movement Control Orders in 2021 as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

Providing an overview was Tan Keng Meng, Chief Executive Officer of Warisan TC Holdings Berhad, where Angka-Tan Motor is a wholly owned subsidiary, and the sole distributor of Foton Light Commercial vehicles (LCV) and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV). Currently, the LCV range consist of The New Aumark S six-wheeler in two variants, the BJ1078 which offers GVW of 7.5 tonnes and the BJ1088, with GVW ranging between 7.5 to 9.0 tonnes. In addition to the New Aumark S series, Angka-Tan Motor also carries the BJ1059 which is also a 6 wheeler with a GVW 7.0 tonnes and the BJ1041 with a GVW of 5.0 tonnes. On the heavy duty segment, the Foton Auman prime movers are available in EST (manual transmission) and the ESTA (automated manual transmission) in 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 variants. The Rigids BJ3253 for cement mixers and dump truck tippers round out the offerings. In addition to the LCV and HCV, Angka-Tan Motor also offers the new in the market the 4x4 one-tonne pickup, the JMC Vigus Pro.

Tan points out at a program to further refresh the LCV line-up, which indicates the likelihood of a brand new Aumark S configuration for the 4 wheelers. Indication is that new model will likely be towards the second half of the year. In addition to that, the soon to be refreshed 4-wheeler model is likely to see higher carrying capacity in excess of five tonnes.

Angka-Tan Motors has emerged as the leader in Chinese made LCV. Tan commented that “We see opportunities in the LCV segment and we are taking action to address the needs of the market with new and innovative products that fit. With the addition of the Aumark S series, Angka-Tan Motor is optimistic to do well and grow in this segment.

The current Aumark S 6 wheeler has been well received in the market.”On the customers’ penetration for Aumark S, Danny Ng, Senior General Manager of Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, explained that most of the penetration are with logistic companies that are seeking an alternative to Japanese trucks. Together with the trust in the Tan Chong Brand, and coupled with an innovative product with competitive pricing, Angka-Tan Motor is making inroads into these logistic and construction companies in their consideration for LCV and HCV via the Aumark S series as well as the Auman EST / ESTA series.

Tan further emphasised that the Foton brand in Malaysia received good support from the trucking community based on the Tan Chong vast service network. Additionally, Foton’s components are from reputable global companies such as Cummins engines specifically designed for the Foton brand, ZF gearboxes and BorgWarner powertrain components as well as Wabco and Bosch products. “Foton, as our partner, understands that we, in Angka-Tan Motor ensure that the Foton products and service we introduced matches the local trucking requirements.” alluding to the Tan Chong Brand guarantee.

Tan further elaborated “The Tan Chong Group has a long history in the trucking business, thus customers can be assured that we are in for the long haul and our customers can depend on Tan Chong Group for a sustainable and dependable partner.”

Ng commenting on the pandemic “We have seen an explosion in online ordering and as a result sprouting out of new logistics companies offering last mile delivery service, thus resulting in an increased in the LCV trucking requirement. Having launched the Aumark S in Dec 2020 and despite the Covid-19 difficult situation, the team was confident that the product would find its mark. According to Ng, this effort is now paying off, as customers needing to add vehicles to their fleet, are opening up to the concept behind the Aumark S with good acceptance.

Having weathered the difficult period during the pandemic, Tan is now confident that the market will recover and that the lessons learned during the pandemic will be put to good use. Commenting on the immediate trend, Tan identifies that the level of demand for vehicles needed to fulfil last mile deliveries will remain high, given that E-Commerce will continue, alongside with new convenience grocery stores now offering deliveries. In addition, he sees some consolidation of logistic providers. This is where, Angka-Tan Motor is well positioned to take advantage with its sales network and service network to offer to these logistics provider given the border opening and the recovery of the economy.

Nonetheless, Tan is expecting that the truck industry will come under pressure as the looking into the supply chain constraints recovering from the pandemic, as well as the stress of the global logistics chaos, the geo-political tension in Europe. Adding on to that, domestically, customers access to end financing remains an issue as most operators affected by the pandemic have started to recover their financial health.

Supporting Angka-Tan on the ground is Eric Wang, General Manager, Southeast Asia Region, Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd, who is currently based in Malaysia. Wang explained that the Chinese truck maker has used the pandemic as an important gauge, to understand the truck market and to prepare for the changing demands from the market post Covid-19. The expectation is that clients will be seeking cost-effective solutions, which Foton is prepared to support with its innovative products and aftersales offerings. He too expects that last mile delivery will be a huge driver for the industry. “With a recovering and favourable business climate, we want to expand our business and for that we need to be working closely with our preferred local partner, Angka-Tan Motor which is part of the Tan Chong Group” he said. Foton recognized Angka Tan Motor and Tan Chong Group has ample experience in the trucking and automotive business, given their presence in the industry for more than 60 years. Malaysia remains an important and attractive market for the Chinese brand. Wang further cited “Malaysia has the culture and sales volume to be a base for an entry into Southeast Asia and we are delighted to work with Tan Chong Group.”

Source : Asian Trucker

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