SAIC Hongyan Delivers 150-Ton Electric KINGKAN Mining Trucks in Ordos

June 13,2022

ORDOS, CHINA -- On June 8, SAIC Hongyan held a grand ceremony to deliver a shipment of 150-ton full electric mining trucks to its customer in Ordos. With outstanding advantages in terms of load, power, range and intelligence, these trucks will greatly improve the efficiency of transport in the mining area. 

This 150-Ton full electric mining truck has been equipped with an intelligent control module with two industry-leading Automatic chips “Orin”, which is used as the brain of the vehicle to carry out simulated calculations on road conditions; Automotive-grade hardware is installed to avoid the emergency risks comprehensively and improve driving safety; Equipped with multi-sensor fusion sensing system, ultra-high definition camera, millimetre wave radar, 128 lines of LIDAR, 360° camera, it can easily cope with various harsh environments such as gravel, dust, rain and snow. In addition, functions like remote autonomous driving, optimal route planning, collaborative loading and unloading of vehicles and shovels, and automatic power change can also be realized through the task scheduling platform. This fully address the needs of the transport in open pit mines and provides a feasible solution for construction of "smart mining areas".

KINGKAN Mining truck has been optimized for use in mining applications. It is driven by two motors that produce a power of 700kw and a torque of 4800 Nm, giving it an extremely strong climbing ability, even in plateau road conditions; In terms of driving range, the vehicle uses an efficient intelligent energy recovery algorithm that can extend the driving range and keep you away from worries about charging in mining areas. With industry-leading high-strength non-sub-beam frame assembly, front oil and gas rear leaf spring suspension system and special axles for high load-bearing mine trucks, this truck can carry up to 150 tonnes including both cargo and the vehicle.

The delivery of these vehicles makes building a “green mining area” a reality, helping to improve efficiency in the mining areas.

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