SHACMAN Announced a Major Deal on 1000 New Energy Trucks

May 31,2022

On May 28, the signing ceremony for 1000 SHACMAN new energy trucks took place in Urumqi, China and was attended by leaders and representatives from Shaanxi Auto Xinjiang Automobile Co. and Xinjiang Kunbang Logistics Co., Xinjiang Hengtongyuan Automobile Sales & Service Co.and NDT Shanghai Qiyuan Power.

On the site, Xinjiang Kunbang Logistics Co., B, C, D entered into a strategic partnership with Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Xinjiang Qiyuan Huandian Technology Co., Shaanxi Automobile Xinjiang Automobile Co. and Xinjiang Hengtongyuan Automobile Sales & Service Co.. The signing of this strategic partnership aimed to make full use of the advantages of each party to promote the integration of the green ecosystem of new energy heavy trucks and consolidate their existing strategic partnership.

The signing also demonstrated the highest recognition that Xinjiang Kunbang Logistics to SHACMAN trucks. It will help achieve deep integration of their services and finally realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation.

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