Qingling Isuzu Delivers First Batch of VC 61 to Mongolia

May 17,2022

MONGOLIA--On May 16, the first batch of four VC61 tractors purchased by ISUZU Shanghai (ISUZU (China) Business Management Co., Ltd.) from Qingling Motors left factory for Mongolia and will be delivered to overseas customers at Erenhot, the largest land port on the China-Mongolia border.
Qingling Isuzu Delivers First Batch of VC 61 to Mongolia

Shanghai will promote the resumption of business in stages under epidemic prevention measures from May 16. From June 1 to mid-late June, Shanghai will fully restore the normal order of production and life across the city. The export of Qingling Isuzu to Mongolia is undoubtedly a positive response to the resumption of business and production in Shanghai.Qingling Isuzu Delivers First Batch of VC 61 to Mongolia

These are the first prototypes developed through a three-way partnership between Qingling, Isuzu and ITOCHU to expand the HD market in Mongolia.

Since March, the third parties have worked so hard to overcome the difficulties with development of new specifications of product, supply of imported materials from Japan and outside Chongqing, organization of production, business and logistics negotiation, to ensure the products are delivered on time. This successful delivery also marks an important step for Qingling to promote its VC61 further across the world.  

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