XCMG XG90H Mining Trucks Were Sent to Nigeria

May 16,2022

Recently, a shipment of XCMG XG90H trucks, equipped with the highest possible configuration, was sent to Nigeria. 

West Africa is an important base for global mining giants due to its abundant mineral resources. However, the year-round rainy climate and the heavy-duty working conditions of the plateau in that area continue to present some of the biggest challenges for equipment reliability.

During the dry season, the air filter and cooling system is facing the most severe test from Hamedan winds blowing from the Sahara desert. While when the rainy season starts, heavy rains and mud pose a serious challenge for achieving safe braking.

In response to the extreme working conditions on the plateau and the special needs of customers, XCMG made a further “in-depth development” to the product.

With a further 15% increase in power to 530hp, this engine for XG90H can deliver even more power for work. Its oil-filtered air filter plays a vital role in ensuring strong power output even at high altitudes by filtering out the dust and dirt to improve fuel economy without losing power.

The maximum torque generated by the automatic transmission has been increased by 19%, resulting in significantly improved productivity, fuel economy and greater driving comfort.

One other thing worth mentioning is that XCMG optimizes the oil and gas suspension for the situation. After optimisation, the front suspension leaf spring has a clear, simple and easy to disassemble structure, which avoids and prevents leaf spring breakage and improves durability.

In recent years, Africa has increased spending on infrastructure and construction. XCMG's wide body dump truck thus has a place to play and XCMG have been doing a great job in supplying high quality products that can easily compete with international brands and with good prices.

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