15 FOTON AUMARK S Delivered to FLASH Express in the Philippines

May 07,2022

PHILIPPINES -- On May 5, 15 units of FOTON AUMARK S were successfully delivered to FLASH Express at its distribution centre in SantaRosa, Southern Luzon, Philippines.
15 FOTON AUMARK S Delivered to FLASH Express in the Philippines

FLASH Express is an e-commerce logistics provider that was founded in 2017 and has now developed into a leading company in Thailand. In 2022, FLASH Express entered the Philippine market for the first time and to date 13 transit centers and 360 secondary outlets have been set up, covering 86% of the rural areas in Luzon. With 7,200 employees, FLASH Express can receive 110 thousand orders a day on average, which is expected to increase to 1 million after these AUMARK S Trucks are put into operation.15 FOTON AUMARK S Delivered to FLASH Express in the Philippines

Due to mobility restrictions for epidemic control, consumer behavior has changed and people are shopping more online. This has led to a wave of e-commerce worldwide, rapid development of the logistics industry and an increase in demand for logistics vehicles. FLASH Express pointed out that they were more focused on "efficient and economical" when purchasing a truck. That is why they finally chose AUMARK S as the best choice after conducting a long-term market research and comparison at the early stages of the procurement process. Besides excellent attendance, productivity and fuel efficiency, the perfect after-sales service is another reason why FLASH Express chose AUMARK S.15 FOTON AUMARK S Delivered to FLASH Express in the Philippines

As a high-end urban logistics light truck, AUMARK S has passed the rigorous vehicle assessment by DEKRA, a German authoritative testing and certification organization, under the supervision of Tracker, a professional European commercial vehicle media, throughout the whole process. In terms of safety, it is in accordance with the requirements of European crash regulations ECE R29, vision regulation ECE R46 04, and the new European regulation ECE R51-03 for each NVH indicator. AUMARK S fully meets European standards for safety and comfort with German ZF gearbox. The whole series of AUMARK S comes standard with Cummins ISF 2.8 and 3.8 engines that can produce a maximum output torque of 600N-m. Compared to its competitors with the same power, AUMARK S has a greater improvement in fuel consumption and maintenance mileage, making it a good choice for urban logistics transport.15 FOTON AUMARK S Delivered to FLASH Express in the Philippines

Over years of effort, AUMARK S has been applied in a wide range of industries, including logistics express and cold chain transportation, and has been put into operation by Southeast Asian logistics giant J&T Express, the Philippine Red Cross and local vaccine cold chain transportation Sector, and GoGoXpress E-commerce Logistics.

This successful delivery not only enhances the brand influence, but also contributes to the development of the local logistics industry. In the future, FOTON Motor will continue to devote itself to the development of the local express logistics industry, and become a new benchmark for efficient logistics services.

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