305 Units of JAC SUNRAY Vehicles Depart for Mexico

April 20,2022

MEXICO -- On the morning of April 15, JAC held a departure ceremony for 305 SUNRAY vehicles to Mexico in its headquarters based in Anhui province. The customer to whom these vehicles to be delivered is called BIMBO, one of the most important bakery companies in Mexico.
305 Units of JAC SUNRAY Vehicles Depart for Mexico

BIMBO Group made the first contact with JAC Group in 2017. After five years of product testing and comparison, BIMBO Group finally confirmed the purchase for the first batch of 305 units in early 2022, kicking off the global market cooperation with JAC Group. 305 Units of JAC SUNRAY Vehicles Depart for Mexico

Bimbo is the largest baking company in the world, operating in 33 countries, including India, and has a diversified portfolio of over 13,000 products and more than 100 renowned brands. This delivery is important for JAC to cultivate local market, and enhance its brand influence in the Latin American market.305 Units of JAC SUNRAY Vehicles Depart for Mexico

SUNRAY products are doing well in the global market and have jumped to the first place in the export of Euro-series left-hand light duty passenger car. Since their first introduction into the Mexican market in 2020, SUNRAY-series products have gained wide recognition and acceptance among customers across different industries, such as supermarkets, express delivery and tourism, for their excellent product performance and differentiated competitive advantages. And its sales have gone up year by year, facilitating the realization of JAC’s goals in Mexico with regard to both scale and earnings.305 Units of JAC SUNRAY Vehicles Depart for Mexico

In the future, JAC Group will bring more comprehensive traveling options and better driving experience to Mexican customers, to help the transformation and upgrading of Mexico's auto industry, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of Mexico's economy.

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