90 JAC SUNRAY Ambulances Delivered to the Dominican Republic

April 19,2022

Recently, JAC delivered 90 SUNRAY Ambulances to Dominican Republic to support COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention in Dominica.

In the case of the present coronavirus pandemic, there have been 600,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Dominican Republic.

To reduce the strain on medical resources and help control the spread of pandemic, SUNRAY ambulances have once again travelled across the sea to the Dominican Republic to promote the upgrade of basic medical services and contribute to the economic development of the local community.

These 90 JAC SUNRAY ambulances to be deployed in the Dominican Republic are equipped with ventilation equipment, automatic defibrillators, CPR equipment, ECG, pulse oximeters, Oxygen delivery equipment, ventilator and many more.

Each ambulance can be used as a small mobile hospital, where most emergency treatment operations can be performed.

In addition, special anti-corrosion improvements have been made to the vehicles to adapt them to the tropical climate and road conditions in the Dominican Republic and to ensure that the vehicles and medical equipment can function normally in high humidity and high salinity environments.

As a well-known ambulance manufacturer in China, JAC SUNRAY will be dedicated to the production of ambulances to address the need for more ambulances both at home and abroad.

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