1000 JAC Pickups Get Ready to Be Exported to Mexico

March 16,2022

MEXICO, March 16(chinatrucks.com)--This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico. JAC seized the opportunity to expand its business in Mexico and received batch purchase orders from Mexico.

In early March, “Departure Ceremony of Thousand JAC Pickups Export to Mexico” was held in Yangzhou, where Yangzhou Jianghuai Light Vehicle Co., Ltd. is based.

With a production volume of about 3 million automotive vehicles and sales volume of over 1 million in 2021, Mexico ranked the sixth among countries with the largest production of automotive vehicles. Meanwhile, Mexico is an important strategic market abroad for JAC, where JAC has been deeply involved for a dozen years, during which JAC conducted the in-depth investigation in 2011 and launched its first product in 2017. So far, more than 130 marketing and service outlets have been established in Mexico, with overs 1,000 vehicles sold every month, forming a good brand reputation and user base.

With domestic leading and international advanced technology, JAC pickups have been highly recognized by its clients as being high-end, safe, comfortable and intelligent.

At the same time, its pickups encompass the product portfolio of T6+T8, which are produced in both diesel and gasoline, left and right hand drive. JAC Pickup sales ranked first among the Chinese brands with total volume exceeding 5000 units in the Mexican market and sales increasing year on year.

In March, one thousand JAC pickups were sent out from Yangzhou for export to Mexico. The new JAC Yangzhou Company production base was built and put into operation in 2014 with a total investment of 2 billion Yuan. All the products made there are in strict compliance with VDS quality management standard system. Thus, JAC enjoys a worldwide reputation for the design of high quality pickups and fast response.

Looking ahead, JAC will adhere to the user thinking and insist on upgrading of its innovation capabilities, continue to expand overseas markets and bring more comprehensive travel options and better driving experience to global users through high quality products.

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