FULONGMA Exports 40 Compressed Garbage Trucks to Eurasian Continent

March 11,2022

EURASIAN CONTINENT, March 11(chinatrucks.com)--Recently, triumphant news from markets abroad keeps pouring in. In March, 40 compressed garbage trucks made by FULONGMA Group were delivered to be sent to Eurasian continent. This successful delivery demonstrates FULONGMA’s high efficiency in dealing with large volume orders with harsh requirements and short lead time, as well as its strong strength ahead of the industry in the manufacturing of sanitation vehicles.   
40 FULONGMA Compressed Garbage Trucks Exported to Eurasian Continent

Over the past two years, FULONGMA international business unit has been exploring innovative sources and adopting some online and offline marketing strategies to improve its global brand awareness. Up to now, FULONGMA has made a strong presence in countries in Southeast Asia, America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other regions. Its products have got customer's trust for good reputation abroad due to its consistant focus on product quality and after-sales service for years. 40 FULONGMA Compressed Garbage Trucks Exported to Eurasian Continent

Given the climate change conditions in Eastern Europe, the customer put forward more stringent requirements for the overall quality of the compressed garbage truck to ensure that the vehicle can maintain normal operation in various extreme environments. The mining industry is highly developed in East Europe, and within which many port cities are located, which provides widely applicable scenarios for FULONGMA garbage trucks. Additionally, FULONGMA Group hopes for spreading China’s environmental protection concept to the region through its products and helps take the local environmental protection to a new level.

FULONGMA Exports 40 Compressed Garbage Trucks to Eurasian Continent

Over the years, FULONGMA has stuck to the specialization of operation, dedicated to the field of environmental sanitation and explored new ways to form a mature manufacturing system for a wide variety of products ranging from sanitation cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, and new energy sanitation equipment in response to the various demands for sanitation products in both rural and urban areas.

At present, FULONGMA Group is speeding up the pace of internationalization, and expanding its business further in the overseas markets to reach a new height of success.

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