JAC Electric Light-duty truck Became Brazil's Best-selling Vehicle

February 21,2022

BRAZIL, Feb 21(chinatrucks.com)-- In recent years, a wave of vehicle electrification has swept across the world. At the beginning of the Chinese new year in 2022, the Brazilian market once again reported good news that batch of JAC electric light trucks N55 were delivered to MERCADO LIBRE, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America.

MERCADO LIBRE is the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, with a presence in more than 20 Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru, and with annual sales of more than US$90 billion in 2021, making it the Latin America’s most valuable company. As a giant company, MERCADO LIBRE has very high quality requirements for vehicles and has never bought any Chinese branded products in the entire Latin American region since its inception. However, after conducting testing for JAC electric light truck N55 in 2020, they found that they were very satisfied with the results, so they placed a high-volume order for JAC electric N55 for the first time.

The number of JAC electric light trucks exported to Brazil in 2021 exceeded 400 units. Customers to whom the vehicles were delivered  in Brazil include several Fortune 500 companies such as DHL, Carrefour Supermarket Group and Nestlé Foods. The first mass delivery to MERCADO LIBRE in 2022 also marks a new phase in the JAC's EV development in Latin America.

In the future, JAC will continue to expand overseas market, further enhance its technological innovation capabilities, to create more values for both commercial vehicle customers and global partners.

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