FAW Jiefang J6P Pilot Version 4×2 Tractor

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Technical Parameter
Model FAW Jiefang J6P Pilot Version 4×2 Tractor
Engine Model 460hp CA6DM2 engine
Emission Standard State V
Transmission Model FAW CA12TA 210A1 automatic gear transmission
Tank Volume(L) 500L+500L double fuel tanks
Tire Michelin tire
Product Details


Jiefang J6P Pilot Version 4x2 tractor is Jiefang’s main product in logistics industry. It is equipped with State V 460hp CA6DM2 engine from Wuxi Diesel Engine, FAW CA12TA 210A1 automatic gear transmission, 500L+500L double fuel tanks, air suspension, electrical ECAS, and Michelin tire. It is suitable for long-distance transport.


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