Great Wall Wingle5

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Technical Parameter
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Safety & Durability

Ranging from active safety to passive safety, Wingle has built a totally new safety standard of high end pickup through complete safety system. Thanks to the leading manufacturing process of science and technology, rigorous and exquisite tests, market experience of over 15 years, Wingle pickup has proven durable, and built the leading brand.
Exceptional Loading Capacity
Ultra-long Cargo Body: 1.68 meter long cargo body of high end pickup enables more capacity and load more articles
C-TEC Innovative-technology Chassis: Adopting variable cross-section high-strength frame structure
High pressure common rail diesel engine: Integrating high pressure common rail electric fuel injection and turbocharged inter-cooled technology
BorgWarner electric all-wheel-drive: Electronically controlled time-sharing drive includes 3 modes, i.e. 2H, 4H and 4L
Intelligent Fuel Efficient
All the major engine parts are genuine


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