Linglong Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with SGMW

January 02,2020

On December 30, 2019, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement between Linglong and SGMW was held in heaquarter of SGMW, Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. The related leaders from both parties attended the signing ceremony.
Linglong Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with SGMW

For many years, as one important partner of SGMW, Linglong has been providing various products with high quality and after-sale service with quick response for SGMW's passenger car, SUV, MPV and new energy vehicles, satisfying SGMW's product demands with excellent product quality, innovation ability and punctual delivery. Therefore, Linglong has been awarded Best Quick Response, Excellent Quality and Concentric Cohesion etc.

Through this cooperation, both parties will aim at improving SGMW's product market competitiveness, and conduct in-depth cooperation in product design, development, application, quality assurance, cost optimization and manufacturing for a long time. SGMW will give priority to offer stable OE resources and shares of its global manufacturing bases to Linglong, which represents the auomaker's recognition of Linglong's comprehensive strength and the deeper cooperation between the two sides. Linglong will continue to strengthen its management system and quality guarantee, optimize service process, provide stronger support to SGMW.

In the course of its 45 years' development, Linglong Tire has made common progress together with China's automakers. In the future, the company will continuously adjust and optimize its product structure and layout, break through the core and key technology, making its own contribution to the development of Chinese automobile globalization.

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