Yuan Hongming, Chairman of the Shaanxi Automobile Visits UAE market

November 22,2019

Yuan Hongming, party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, was invited to participate in the "China (Shaanxi) - United Arab Emirates economic and trade cooperation fair" on November 10th to 11th. More than 200 representatives from Shaanxi Economic and Trade Delegation, local government and enterprises of UAE, attended the conference, witnessing the opening of a new chapter of economic and trade cooperation between Shaanxi Province and UAE. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the UAE. Economic and trade cooperation between Shaanxi Province and the UAE has entered a period of rapid development. This conference will further strengthen all-round and in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Shaanxi Province and the UAE, promote complementary advantages and achieve win-win cooperation.
Yuan Hongming visits UAE market

At the meeting, Tian Chao, general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the chairman of KHF, the dealer of SHACMAN products in UAE, to effectively promote the economic and trade cooperation between Shaanxi Province and UAE.

Yuan Hongming visits UAE market

After the meeting, Yuan Hongming conducted in-depth research on the local heavy truck market, visited end customers, exchanged face-to-face with customers, inquired about the use of vehicles in detail, and listened to customers' opinions carefully. In addition, he also listened to the marketing report of the local dealers in detail, fully affirmed the achievements, and put forward the guidance for the next marketing work. Later, Yuan Hongming attended the delivery ceremony of SHACMAN X3000 to major customers, and delivered the golden key symbolizing wealth to customers, marking the new stage of cooperation between the two sides.

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