Top Ten Sales in Heavy-duty Truck Market in September

October 19,2021

According to statistics released by CAAM, the truck sales in China dropped by 36% YOY but up by 32% MOM to 277,300 units in September. Among them, heavy-duty truck market totaled 59,200 units in September, up 15% month-over-month but declined 61% year on year.
Top Ten Sales in Heavy-duty Truck Market in September

From the above table we can see that, heavy-duty truck sales declined 61% in September, 91400 units less than that of last year, following a 61% drop in August. In September, there are just two automakers seeing sales of over 10,000 units. The top 10 players still capture 97.46% of the market leaving rest brands to compete for the remaining 2.54% of the market.

Top Ten Sales in Heavy-duty Truck Market in September

Sinotruk once again ranked as number one with sales of 16,100 units and top market share of 27.15%. With sales of 11,500 units and 19.36% market share, Dongfeng comes to the second place. Third place went to FAW Jiefang, with about 15.81% percent of market share, followed in fourth and fifth place by SHACMAN and Foton with 15.03% and 6.14% market share respectively. Hongyan has maintained a market share in excess of 5 percent for two months in a row, with 5.59% in September and 5.46% in August, 2021.

With regard to cumulative sales, it recorded a year-to date decline of 0.3% year on year, 3200 units less that of last year. Sinotruk, Dongfeng and Beiben are the only three brands to achieve a positive growth, with Beiben reaching the highest 40% year-on-year jump.

In the first nine months period, the top ten players still dominate the market with an impressive 97.44% share of the heavy-duty truck market. FAW Jiefang continued its year-to-date growth to 300000 units, becoming the only one to capture over one-fourth of the heavy-duty truck market share. SINOTRUK and Dongfeng followed with 19.67% and 19.14% cumulative market share, then followed by SHACMAN, with a share about 13.76%.

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