SAIC Maxus' Sales Volume for Sep. Reached Record 17,684 Units, Up 25% YOY

October 09,2021

According to the latest statistics, SAIC Maxus’ monthly sales volume hit new record high in September, reaching 17,684 units, up by 25% year on year. In the same month, its export volume stood at 5,607 units. In addition, its accumulated sales volume in the Middle East exceeded 10,000 units, in Europe 20,000 units and in South America 30,000 units.
SAIC Maxus Sales Volume for Sep. Reached Record 17,684 Units, Up 25% YoY

In September, SAIC Maxus sold 8,102 units light buses, up by 15% year on year, further solidifying its leading position in the market. More specifically, its V90, V80 Plus, V80, EV90 and EV30 provide customers with more choices, meeting their special needs and requirements.

SAIC Maxus T90 pickup, delivering super powerful performances and achieving higher intelligence, has a luxurious interior. In September, the company sold 3,179 units pickups, up by 41% year on year.

At 2020 World Expo recently held in Dubai, SAIC Maxus G50 and V90 were designated as the official carriers for China, fully showcasing China’s formidable strength in the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Recently, 21 units SAIC Maxus V80 mini buses were officially delivered to Kuala Lumpur for operation, providing more travel convenience for local residents. Also in March this year, 12 units negative pressure ambulances, remodeled from SAIC Maxus V80, were handed over to the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Since then, they have been playing a vital role in fighting against COVID-19.

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