Top 10 Best-selling Battery-swapping Heavy Trucks in China in April

June 13,2023

According to the latest terminal licensing data, a total of 1165 battery-swapping heavy trucks were sold in China in April, up 117% from a year earlier and 35.5% from a month earlier. Since the start of this year, the cumulative retail sales have reached 3482 units, a year-on-year increase of 31%,representing nearly half of the market share (51.2%).

一. Top 10 Best-selling Electtric Heavy Trucks in China in April

According to the latest terminal licensing data, top 3 of the most popular battery-swapping heavy-duty trucks from January to April includes: XCMG battery-swapping Tractor, Farizon battery-swapping Tractor and XCMG battery swapping garbage dump truck.

The characteristics of the top 10 best-selling models are mainly as follows:

Among them, tractor has the largest of number, reaching 6, followed by dump truck (3) and mixer truck (1).

From the manufacturer’s terms, XCMG ranked first with four models on the list. Jiefang took the second place with two models on the list, followed by Farizon, Liuzhou Motor, SANY, SINOTRUK and Hongyan, all of which had only one on the list.

The top10 best-selling models have accumulated sales of 1,412 units, accounting for more than 40% (40.54%) of the total. There are 7 models with cumulative sales of more than 100 units.

There are three models with cumulative sales of more than 150 units, ie XCMG XGA4254BEVWCA, Farizon HN4250B36C6BEV and XGA5317ZLJBEVWA. With sales of 236, 218 and 168 units respectively, the total sales of the top three reached 622 units, accounting for 18 percent of the market share.

XCMG, SANY and Jiefang were among the Top Three Players.

Table 2, Top 10 Battery-Swapping Heavy Trucks in April 2023
The table above shows that XCMG, Sany and Jiefang ranked among the top three in sales of battery-swapped heavy trucks in April 2023. Eight of the top 10 players increased while two declined, with Yutong soaring the most at 583.3% MoM.

Table 3, Top 10 Players in Jan. to April, 2023

Cumulative sales of battery-swapping heavy trucks from January to April 2023, as shown in the table above

--- XCMG heavy trucks topped the list with the cumulative sales of 913 units (up 4% YoY) and a market share of 26.22%.

--- Farizon ranked second with sales of 515 units (Down 32% YoY) and a 14.8% market share.

---Sany ranked third with sales of 406 units (Up 534% YoY) and a 11.66% market share.

--- The cumulative sales of all other brands on the list are less than 300 units.

In the foreseeable future, more and more cities in China will promote further the application of battery-electric heavy trucks as the policy of "double carbon“ strategy in China is already on track.

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