Heavy Truck Sales in China Fell by 9% YoY to 46000 Units in Nov.

December 30,2022

According to the latest available information, truck sales in China amounted to 215,800 units in November 2022, down 26% year-on-year. The decline (26%) in November was faster than that in October (17%). Of these sales, 46,600 units were sold in the heavy-duty truck market (including chassis and tractors), down 3% from the previous month.

Top Ten Players in Heavy Truck Sales in China in Nov.

Five players saw sales decline in November compared to October, while the other five saw growth, with SHACMAN, Dongfeng, Jianghuai, Beiben and Dayun seeing sales increase by 15%, 2%, 149%, 127% and 11% respectively in November from the previous month. In terms of Year-over-year growth, sales of five players - SHACMAN, Jiefang, Foton, JAC and Beiben - increased by 25%, 5%, 16%, 152% and 87% respectively in November.

The cumulative sales of heavy trucks in China from January to November this year amounted to 617,800 units, down 54% year-on-year, a drop 2% less than the previous ten months. Specifically, the top 10 players all experienced a sharp double-digit drop.

In terms of cumulative share, the top 10 players captured 97.15% of the market. SINOTRUK (23.99%), Jiefang (19.14%) and Dongfeng (18.03%), SHACMAN (16.14%) and Foton (10.2%) came to the top five in the rankings.

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