NEV Dumpers Surge 503% YoY to 2745 Units in the First Seven Months

August 25,2022

According to the latest statistics, the number of new energy heavy-duty trucks sold in China totaled 11,600 units in the first seven months. This was a notable increase of 385% from the figure in 2021.

In the segment market, new energy dump trucks hold 23.74% of the NEV heavy truck market share, an increase of 4.66% over last year, which is just a bit lower than that of new energy tractors.

From category perspective, electric trucks still dominates the NEV market, leading to an increase in overall new energy dumper market. Over the first seven months period, electric heavy-duty trucks saw the highest sales volume of 2647 units (96.43%), while the sales volume of fuel cell and plug-in hybrid trucks is quite few at only 94 units (3.42%) and 4 units (0.15%) respectively.

In July, XCMG took the first place with the sales of 86 new energy heavy trucks, which is the second time it take the first place after January.

From January to July, most of the new energy dump truck makers achieved positive growth, with Jiefang, SHACMAN achieving net growth. FOTON iBLUE, Dongfeng, Hongyan and BYD achieved a surge due to the small base in the same period last year. Yutong, XCMG, Sany, Beiben and CAMC rose by 1202%, 472%, 1260%, 320% and 658% YoY respectively. Nanjing Golden Dragon, which was at the top of the new energy dump truck sales list during the same period last year, sold 12 units from January to July this year, down 93% year-on-year (Note: all 183 new energy dump trucks sold by Nanjing Golden Dragon from January to July last year were fuel cell dump trucks).

In terms of market share, the year-to-date sales volume of the top four truck makers, Yutong, XCMG, Sany and Beiben amounted to 560, 526, 408 and 294 units respectively with a market share of 20.40%, 19.16%, 14.86% and 10.71%. Jiefang, iBLUE and Dongfeng took the sixth to eighth place with sales of 189 units, 133 units and 104 units and a share of 6.89%, 4.85% and 3.79% respectively. The year-to-date sales of SAIC Hongyan and SHACMAN were 94 and 83 units respectively, with a cumulative share of 3.42% and 3.02% respectively, which don’t make much difference.

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