FAW Jiefang J6P 550HP 8X4 Dumper+FAWDE/Weichai Power

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Technical Parameter
Model FAW Jiefang J6P 550HP 8X4 Dumper(CA3310P66K24L6T4AE5)
Curb Weight(kg) 15180,15500(Kg)
Fuel Consumption(L/100km) 43.79,42.75,44,46.2,46.8
Tire 12R22.5,11.00R20,11.00-20,12.00R2018PR,12.00-2018PR
Max Speed(km/h) 79(km/h)
Emission Level National Ⅴ
Driving Type 8×4
Payload Weight(kg) 15625,15690,15305,15370(Kg)
Gross Weight(kg) 31000(Kg)
Product Description

Product Announcement: CA3310P66K24L6T4AE5
Overall Dimension: 11200,11070,10945,11045,11370,11095,11195×2500,2550×3600,3680(mm)
Cargo Dimension: 8200,8000×2300,2350×1020,1500,1250(mm)
Approach/Departure Angle: 24/22(°)
Front/Rear Suspension:
Axle Load: 6500/6500/18000(For two axles)
Wheel Base: 2100+4300+1350,2100+4000+1350,1950+4450+1350,1950+4150+1350(mm)
Number of Axles: 4
Leaf Spring:
Several Tire: 12
Track Width, Front:
Track Width, Rear: 1847/1847,1878/1878mm

Engine Displacement(ml) Power(kw)
CA6DM2-42E51 11050 312/425
CA6DM2-46E51 11050 342/466
CA6DM2-39E51 11050 290/395
CA6DM2-42E52 11050 312/425
CA6DM2-46E52 11050 342/466
CA6DM3-50E5 12520 370/504
CA6DM3-55E52 12520 407/554

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