Dayun E8 6X4 Pure Electric Tractor+CATL Battery+Prestolite Motor+TOP Gear System+Dayun Chassis

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Technical Parameter
Model Dayun E8 6X4 Pure Electric Tractor
Driving Type 6X4
Product Description

Dayun pure electric vehicles has attracted great attentions since its debuts at Beijing International New Energy Auto Show (Auto China 2018), Modern Logistics and Intelligent Transportation Exhibition and China International Energy Industry Expo (CIEI EXPO) with its various pure electric products from July, 2018.

Seen from the appearce, the new Dayun 6X4 e-tractor makes no difference from the old version except for the additional battery pack at the rear. Speaking of the power units, It comes standard with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack that provides 236.7kWh. One full charging takes only half an hour using a fast charger and can travel up to 140km. It is designed to hit a top speed of 90km/h and economic speed between 30~50km/h.

The Motor’s Rated power is believed to be around 250 kW with a maximum torque in the region of 3500 Nm. Other safety equipments includes ABS, electrick rear mirror, glass electric lift and AMT transmission.

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