FAW Jiefang J6 480HP 6×4 Euro 6 Hybrid Tractor Head

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Technical Parameter
Curb Weight(kg) 9,000kg
Engine Displacement(L) 8.6L
Engine Max Output Power(kw) 283kW
Transmission Model Jiefang 12-speed AMT
Cylinder Number 6
Emission Level Euro 6
Engine Max Torque(N.m) 1750N.m
Overall Dimensions(mm) 7,030mm*2,500mm*3,560mm
Gross Weight(kg) 49,000kg
Fuel Type Hybrid power
Gear Shift 12-speed gearbox
Engine Model Jiefang CA6DL6-38E6
Engine Brand FAWDE Power
Horsepower(Ps) 380HP
Max. Torque/Rotation Speed(N.m/rpm) 1200-1500rpm
Driving Motor Type High efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor
Battery Type water-cooled battery
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