Shandong Province Pursues for a Green Hydrogen Future

January 11,2022

SHANDONG, CHINA, Jan 11 ( Shandong province, home to China’s first demonstration project for  hydrogen energy technology, is stepping up its efforts to produce, store, transport and use hydrogen energy, a green energy. 
Shandong Province Pursues for a Green Hydrogen Future

This is part of the provinces’ major initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The total number of hydrogen-powered vehicles in operation, including buses, forklift and refrigerated trucks has reached 848 units, according to provincial science and technology department.The province has built 22 hydrogen refueling stations with a daily hydrogen supply capacity of 20,000 kilograms.

”Shandong possesses abundant hydrogen byproduct resources, making it a leader in the development of hydrogen energy” said Han Shaohua, deputy director of high & new technology office at Shandong provincial science and technology department.

Presently, Shandong is working to build smart, green ports powered by hydrogen energy. In addition to port, it is also promoting the use of hydrogen in industrial parks and residential communities, Han added.

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