SANY Inks Deal for Another 500 Electric Trucks

November 30,2021

HEBEI, CHINA, November 30 / -- On September 3, SANY announced that it had just received a large order from GCL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for 3,000 new energy trucks and 60 exchange stations, which provides a good start for its new energy vehicle development. On October 9, SANY reached a strategic cooperative partnership with Jinxi Iron and Steel Group on providing 138 electric trucks and made its first delivery of 50 units on site.
SANY Inks Deal for Another 500 Electric Trucks

With these large orders, SANY regains monthly sales champion position in October after September and is among the best player for January to October cumulative sales. SANY is likely to maintain the champion position in sales of new energy heavy-duty trucks with the signing of another major order on November 28.

On November 28, SANY reached a strategic partnership with Hebei land port Bonded Logistics Company on providing 500 new energy heavy-duty trucks and handed over the first batch of electric tractors.

According to SANY, these delivered electric trucks are the first model of EV490 compound enhanced version, which is specifically designed for steel and coal applications in Hebei province.

SANY EV 490 swapping version can get a fresh battery pack installed in about five minutes and reduce pollutants by 15 tonnes in a year. In addition, its production, operation and scheduling work are conducted in a a real-time, fully dynamic and online way, with the operation data and energy consumption data accessible to the public in a real time. 

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