JAC Won The Cannes Lions International Creativity Award

September 17,2021

Bangladesh, Sep. 17, 2021 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On August 28, 2021, Cannes International Festival of Creativity with the Bangladesh Brand Forum and the Daily Star jointly presented the 10th COMMWARD 2021: Outstanding Creative Communication Award List. JAC "My Truck My Home" won the Award.

COMMWARD: Excellent creative communication, is an innovation platform designed to promote creative exchange and story dissemination. The award is hosted by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (Cannes Lions), and is the most influential and prestigious annual event in the global advertising creative communication and marketing industry. A total of 1,100 ideas were shortlisted for this event, and the winners were jointly selected by the most prestigious local and foreign marketing, branding and communication experts in Bangladesh.

Since the spread of the customer story of "My Truck My Home" in Bangladesh, it has received nearly 2 million broadcasts and 42,000 likes in Bangladesh, which has significantly improved the brand image of JAC. The vigorous development of digital marketing has also contributed to the further increase of terminal sales. From January to August 2021, the cumulative actual sales of terminals have reached nearly 500 units, ranking first among Chinese brands.

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