Great Wall Pickups Make Entry into the Egyptian Market

April 15,2021

On April 11, a grand ceremony was held in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to mark the handover of Great Wall pickups to their customer. It also marks the official entry of Great Wall Motor (also known as GWM) in the country.

As the second largest auto market, Egypt managed to increase its auto sales by 27% year on year in 2020 despite COVID-19. After Great Wall pickups (Fengjun 7, Fengjun 5 and Changchengpao), GWM will soon bring its well-known brands such as Havel to Egyptian auto market. In addition, GWM plans to develop more localized products by establishing its own CKD factory this year and thus further strengthens its overall competitiveness. By the end of this year, it will build 12 new distribution centers, covering all major cities across Egypt.

GWM’s Egyptian partner, GB Auto Group is the largest passenger vehicle distributor in the country. With a market share of nearly 20% and the largest sales network, GB Auto Group’s annual sales volume is now approaching 50,000 units.

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