Foton AUMAN Mist Cannon Truck Helps Mexico Combat COVID-19

June 15,2020

On June 10, ContraReplica, a TV station based in Mexico made a special report on AUMAN sanitizing vehicle in operation in Mexico City. Upon the request of Mexican government, Foton rolled out a special Mist Cannon Truck built on the basis of AUMAN EST-M.

With a water tank of 9,900 liters, Foton AUMAN Mist Cannon Truck is able to spray 1,000 liters diluted sanitizers within 100 meters. In just one hour, it can disinfect 20 km roads. In addition, it achieves high maneuverability and can reach a maximum height of 30 meters.

According to Foton, another six units AUMAN Mist Cannon Truck will soon arrive in Mexico for operation.

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