XCMG Equipment Support the Construction of Wuhan "Xiaotangshan" Hospital

February 10,2020

This is a war without smoke of gunpowder,

And this is a rescue with unified strength;

Fight with the nature and race against time

Courageously, as the backbone of state-owned enterprises.

At the end of 2019, the outbreak and spread of new corona-virus from Wuhan touched on every Chinese nerves. In this special Spring Festival, people all over the country have one and only common wish - Wuhan will get through the difficulties as soon as possible. At this point, a group of construction machinery operators are fighting in the forefront of epidemic prevention.

On January 23, a special hospital named Huoshenshan began to be built in Caidian District, a copy of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the fight against SARS in 2003. Huoshenshan Hospital covers an area of 25,000 square meters and provides 1,000 beds. On the afternoon of January 25, another dispatching conference was held in Wuhan, and it was decided to build another, Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital.

With the construction of Leishenshan Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital, the race begins!

On the evening of January 23, after receiving the information, XCMG contacted China Construction Third Engineering Bureau as soon as possible. Wuhan Bangdayou, a Hubei dealer of XCMG, immediately sprung into action, formed a supply guarantee team, and called the mixer trucks and the operators on standby.

On the morning of January 24, 10 mixer trucks and operators assembled and arrived at CSCEC Yongfeng Concrete Plant, and then rushed to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital. At 9:00 a.m. on January 26, traffic control was implemented in the whole city. All XCMG mixer trucks have obtained permits in advance to fully guarantee the construction progress of Huoshenshan Hospital. At present, all personnel and vehicles are still working hard at the construction site.

At the same time, Sun Qiang, chairman of Hubei Lichi (dealer of XCMG Excavator in Hubei Province), set up the XCMG action group, the command group and the support group. Wang Wei and Xia Xingguo of Wuhan Branch worked as the leaders of the two groups respectively, and quickly established the combat team to cooperate with each other. Within one hour, they completed the application of the permit, the equipment refueling and the trailer dispatching. The equipment arrived at the construction site at 12:00 noon on the same day.

On January 25, Cao Qiang, director of Wuhan Sales Office of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division, summoned crane users around Wuhan to set up the “Wuhan XCMG Crane Emergency Support WeChat Group”. Wuhan hoisting users responded positively, reporting vehicle resources in succession and ready for orders at any time. More than 10 cranes have been dispatched, and the number and location of vehicles have been proactively reported in accordance with the requirements of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, ready to fight against the epidemic at all times.

At the construction sites of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, all kinds of machines were fully-powered, and 100 units of construction machinery were excavating at the same time. This is an uphill battle to expand the life rescue channel during the fight against the pneumonia caused by novel corona-virus.

During the SARS epidemic, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital was completed within 7 days. One seventh of the patients in China were treated here, with a cure rate reaching 99%. It was called a miracle by WHO, and such miracle will definitely be created again this time.

The epidemic is the order, and the scene is the battlefield.

One minute ahead of schedule

will stop the spread of the epidemic one minute in advance.

It is a fight requiring race against time.

Salute to the builders!

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