CAMC Manages to Ignite National Ⅵ Compliant CM6D30 Engine

April 17,2018

On April 13th, CAMC held an ignition ceremony for its 13L CM6D30 engine at the Lab Building of CAMC Research Institute. During the event, CAMC president in person starts the national Ⅵ compliant engine (13L). This ignition marks that CAMC has made a breakthrough in large horsepower and displacement engine. With more products with higher value and competitive price coming out, CAMC will continue to take a lead in the industry and take our customer service level to a new level.
CAMC CM6D30 Engine with 560hp Ignites Successfully

It is reported that CM6D30 represents the first National Ⅵ diesel engine developed by CAMC. The engine, in in-line six-cylinder form, comes standard with an integral cylinder head, four valves, coupled with overhead camshaft and rear gear housing. The engine offers 130X161 cylinder bore and stroke. With a replacement of 12.8 liters, the engine is able to reach 560 horsepower and a torque of 2550N.m/1800rpm and 1900/800rpm. Thanks to its advanced turbocharge technology and high pressure electronically controlled injection system, it is able to cut energy consumption greatly. Brake power rise by more than 50% through the adoption of HPD engine brake technology when the engine runs at low-medium speed. Driven by helical gears, it generates less noise; B10 can expect a life span of 160 thousand kilometers with the adoption of advanced manufacturing and structure, wear-proof and heat resisting materials. The weight was reduced by utilizing integrated modular design; Built on 1800bar Bosh fuel injection technology+ EGR+D0C+DPF+SCR, CM6D30 is in compliance with Euro 6 emission standard.

At the ceremony, Liu Hanru, CAMC group president offered its sincere congratulations on the successful ignition of national Ⅵ diesel engine (13L). “Thanks to our years of efforts, finally we saw the creation of national Ⅵ engine (13L). In the coming half of 2018, 9L and 11L engines will follow up to be ignited. By then, the engines ranging from 7.8L to 13L will be offered to strengthen CAMC’s completion ability.” said the president. (

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