Arrival of Scania Euro 6 Heavy Truck into Hong Kong

November 29,2013 Scania Open Day 2013 is held in the Lau Fau Shan repair plant, Yuan Long district, which attracts many truck fans, drivers and logistics insiders. The highlight of the activity is the launching of Euro 6 truck, the first one in Hong Kong.

Scania Euro 6 truck

At the spot, Scania Hong Kong displays all truck series sold in Hong Kong, from P series engineering vehicles to G series logistics trucks and even bus chassis. As a key role of this activity, there are four Euro 6 trucks available at the spot, two P360 6x2 repair and rescue truck, one G280 4x2 van and one G490Streamline 4x2 tractor.

Scania P360
P360 6x2 repair and rescue truck

Scania Van
G280 4x2 van

G490 Streamline 4x2 tractor
G490Streamline 4x2 tractor

Despite that Hong Kong carries out Euro 5 emission standard, many truck brands start to introduce models complying with higher than Euro 5 (EEV standard) thanks to good oil quality. The introduction of Scania Euro 6 heavy truck into Hong Kong means to synchronize with Europe and the emission can meet the ever stringent standard.

Data in Hong Kong’s air cleaning plan shows that transportation vehicles and buses emits more than 50% nitric oxide in the air. Euro 6 emission reduces 80% nitric oxide and suspended particles than Euro 5. If all heavy trucks and buses all comply with Euro 6, the tailpipe emission of new vehicles will decrease 500t nitric oxide and 4t suspended particles.

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