GWM's First Forward-developing HDT Roll Off Production Line

May 31,2024

On May 21, Great Wall Motor (GWM) announced that the PT, a new forward developed heavy-duty truck (HDT), rolled off the production line.

The first PT variant rolling off the production line is an intelligent super hybrid heavy-duty truck custom developed for trunk line transportation scenarios. The new model is due to be officially launched in the second half of this year.

The overall concept of the PT is inspired by traditional Chinese philosophy. It represents the debut of GWM super hybrid technology and marks the completion of the development of a hybrid system tailored to commercial vehicles.

The first PT variant rolling off the production line is also the first heavy-duty truck equipped with Great Wall's super hybrid technology. The technology enables significant reductions in fuel consumption, resulting in low cost and high efficiency.

Great Wall intelligent Super Hybrid technology has the same origin as Great Wall DHT hybrid technology, which has been listed as one of the “World's Top 10 Hybrid Power Systems”. As a new energy architecture that pursues optimal efficiency, best driving experience, and the highest degree of intelligence in the full speed range, GWM DHT has five modes: pure electric, series, parallel, direct drive, and energy recovery. It is the first to break through the single gear direct drive mode, and innovatively integrates the two gear parallel axis structure, achieving optimal energy efficiency and experience in the four core scenarios of urban, suburban, high-speed, and climbing.

With the first PT model rolling off the production line, Great Wall takes one step closer to mass production of forward-developed heavy-duty truck products. 

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