258 FOTON Electric Truck Delivered to Thailand

May 27,2024

THAILAND, MAY 27, 2024 /chinatrucks.com/ --On May 20, FOTON held a ceremony in Harbin to roll off its 800,000th mini truck and handed over 258 units of all-electric TRUCK MATE to Thailand.This marks another milestone in the large-scale application of Foton electric trucks, and also demonstrates it has been highly recognized by customers around the world.

As a leading logistics company in Thailand, the customer actively responded to the call of the Thai government for "30% of new energy government public vehicles by 2030", and purchased these vehicles for the large-scale parcel express business in more than 40 provinces (townships) outside Bangkok, Thailand, and undertook the "last mile" distribution task from the outlets to the customer.

After rigorous real-vehicle testing, Foton eTRUCKMATE has become the best choice for Thai government customers to improve transportation efficiency and optimize operating costs with the advantages of 11 cubic meter large-capacity cargo box design, comfortable driving experience and low energy consumption. Foton Motor has also become the first brand of new energy vehicles purchased by the government system where the customer is located, which has an important demonstration and promotion role. These vehicles will frequently appear in various places around Bangkok, providing local consumers with more convenient and efficient express delivery services, and further enhancing the awareness of the Foton brand and new energy products.

Thailand is one of the key markets for FOTON's globalization and electrification. In response to the trend of electrification in Thai, FOTON has imported a variety of new energy vehicles such as pure electric heavy trucks, light trucks and mini trucks through FOTON CP Joint Venture, the only importer and distributor of FOTON in Thailand, in 2021. These products completely satisfy customers' needs for energy saving, environmental protection and comfortable driving, and have the international competitiveness level of products of the same class in the market. Therefore, the demand for pure electric products in Thailand has also been growing in recent years.

Behind the successive favor of customers, it cannot be separated from FOTON's advanced technology and years of efforts in the Thai market. Under the global trend of decarbonization, FOTON has independently developed and mastered the core technology of Three Electrics, realizing the multi-route development of new energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, etc., and has covered the whole series of commercial vehicles, in order to accelerate the transformation of global logistics transportation industry. Currently, FOTON's new energy products have covered 45 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and South America.

During the activity, media and KOLs from Thailand were also invited to China, where they attended the ceremony and went into the headquarters and factories of FOTON for a test drive. They witnessed FOTON's outstanding performance in battery swapping technology, intelligent manufacturing and Super Power Chain, and experienced FOTON's corporate culture and new energy product strength.

Thailand, a country with a high dependence on oil imports, uses most of its oil imports for transportation, therefore, sustainable development has also been on the agenda of the Thai government for a long time. The cooperation between FOTON and Thailand in electric commercial vehicles will effectively reduce carbon emissions and enable FOTON to serve as a good demonstration of corporate responsibility in Thailand. With the application of pure electric commercial vehicles, FOTON will provide a green energy logistics fleet for the Thai market and promote a cleaner and faster transportation economy in Thailand.

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