World’s 1st’s 240t Intelligent Hybrid Mining Truck Got Launched

January 16,2024

Recently, the world’s first 240t intelligent hybrid heavy-duty vehicle – XCMG’s XDE240H diesel-battery mining truck, start running at Shaanxi Shenyan Coal’s Xiwan open pit coal mine in Yulin. This is a significant progress made for China’s national R&D project ‘Research and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies for Intelligent Electric Driven Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platforms’.
World’s 1st’s 240t Intelligent Hybrid Mining Truck XCMG’s XDE240H, Lauched

XCMG XDE240H mining truck is a national R&D project hosted by Hunan University and participated by XCMG Group. The project lasted for 2 years, and the completion acceptance was carried out at Shaanxi Shenyan Coal’s Yulin Xiwan Open Pit Coal Mine in Yulin.

The XCMG XDE240H is said to be the world’s first 240t diesel-electric hybrid mining dump truck. It is equipped with an intelligent driving system, which not only has the advantages of its large-tonnage mining dump trucks with reliable and durable structure, comfortable driving and convenient maintenance, but also maximizes environmental protection and intelligence. It will provide a new solution for mining transportation in large mines with annual production capacity of 10 million tons.

The mine truck is powered with a 2,300 HP electronically-controlled engine, paired with a customized high-voltage platform battery system with an installed capacity of 441 kWh. It is ‘perfectly integrated’ with the high-voltage platform of the electric drive dump truck and achieves a cited braking energy recovery and utilization efficiency of over 96%.

The truck adopts self-developed high-torque wheel drive system with integrated system design and control technology, and has realized breakthroughs in a number of key technologies. It has a maximum output torque of 720,000 Nm and always delivers strong power. It runs smoothly even when heavily loaded uphill. Its Intelligent Driving System enables remote autonomous operation, making it even safer and more efficient.

XCMG people always adhere to the Customer First, based on the market principle. the comprehensive fuel consumption of XDE240H the Chinese OEM says is reduced by 17% compared with traditional mine trucks, 20% more than imported brands. It will help the transformation and upgrading of the industry, illuminating the future of smart mines and green mines.

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