China’s First Electric Construction Truck Was Granted EU WVTA Certification

July 27,2022

SANY’s first electric mixer truck specifically for the global market—iONTRON408P has recently been granted the European Whole Vehicle Type-Approval (WVTA) certificate and license plate. The mixer thus became the first Chinese electric construction truck to gain access to the European market.

The EU market is more demanding on safety, environmental protection and technology for vehicles as compared to the domestic market. If a domestic automotive company wants to access to the European market, the first thing to do is to gain the EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA).

WVTA consists of 43 testing items including motor vehicle noise and collision safety and is a comprehensive high standard testing conducted on core components such as vehicle electrical units, general configurations and powertrains.

Currently, SANY is the only Chinese brand to obtain WVTA in the field of new energy construction truck.

The 408P electric mixer was reported to be jointly developed by SANY and putzmeister. SANY does the design, development, manufacturing and certification, while Putzmeister carries out the market research work. During the long WVTA certification cycle, the products have passed nearly 80 stringent vehicle and component certification tests. The electric mixer have passed nearly 80 stringent certification tests on the complete vehicle and components throughout the long WVTA certification cycle.

The 408P electric mixer comes with a 350kw·h large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, which provides a range of 180km and torque of 2400N•m under combined driving and standard loading conditions and able to adapt to different working conditions.

In addition, air-damped seats with variable stiffness are provided as standard for maximum driver comfort. AEBS braking system, cruise control and electro-hydraulic steering are also offered for an all-round enhanced driving experience.

After obtaining EU WVTA certification, SANY will be able to gain access to the European market and lead the way for domestic electric construction trucks to enter the high-end market.

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