FAST Transmissions Were exported to Sumatra, Indonesia

July 12,2022

INDONESIA –A batch of FAST transmissions has recently been exported to Indonesia (Sumatra) by being mounted on high-end mining dump trucks. These FAST transmissions offer high reliability and safety, which can significantly reduce the overall operating costs of vehicle. Combined with their excellent reputation and brand presence, FAST transmission has been a pupular choice among local customers.
FAST Transmissions Were exported to Sumatra, Indonesia

In the tropical rainforest mines of Sumatra, transport conditions are very harsh due to the year-round heat and rain. However, FAST transmissions can help improve the production efficiency of dump trucks operating in the mining areas thanks to its high safety, reliability and efficiency.FAST Transmissions Were exported to Sumatra, Indonesia

FAST transmission developed specifically for mining applications, comes standard with power-splitting technology, unique structure, integrated PTO design and reasonable gear arrangement, to make it efficient and strong enough to address the needs for green mine construction.

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