SUNLONG’s Heavy-duty Truck Rolled off the Line

June 07,2022

NANNING, CHINA -- On June, 6, SUNLONG held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the offline of its heavy-duty truck, in the presence of leaders from SUNLONG Group and local authorities. The first 6 units rolled off the line are intended for export to countries abroad.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Zhou Jiwen, President of Guangxi SUNLONG, said the offline marked that SUNLONG has the full capability to develop, manufacture and sell heavy-duty trucks. In the future, Guangxi SUNLONG plans to export its heavy-duty trucks to Vietnam, the Philippines, and countries in Central Asia and Africa, and establish a complete after-sales-support service in the Southeast Asian region to address anxiety of drivers.

Wang Fumin, SUNLONG’s shareholder representative delivered a speech as well after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In which he said the offline was signifanct as it indicated the expansion of SUNLONG lineup and also indicated the major breakthroughs in local self-made heavy truck products and overseas exports in Nanning City. In the meantime, he asked SUNLONG to give full play to the strengths of its advantages in buses, trucks, logistics vehicles and special vehicles to continue to integrate the Group's resources in order to get its market size value up to 5 billion yuan as soon as possible.

In addition, Guangxi SUNLONG and Dongxing Zhengqian Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed an agreement for the export of 1,000 heavy trucks in front of the guests in attendance for the event.

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