SHACMAN X5000 AMT Tractor Heads Were Exported to Overseas Market

February 23,2022

OVERSEAS MARKET, Feb 23(, a batch of SHACMAN X5000 AMT tractor heads came off the assembly line, getting ready to be delivered to the overseas customer soon. The customer is reportedly a world-leading supplier of construction materials and these trucks are bought in to replace its old European brand trucks. In recent years, Chinese trucks are gaining growing recognition and acceptance from overseas market due to its premium quality and service.
SHACMAN AMT Tractor Heads Were Exported to Overseas Market

SHACMAN provided its customer with tailored X5000 after conducting a comprehensive analysis of its existing product configuration, use areas and operating conditions. According to SHACMAN, it is designed to meet various complex working conditions and the power requirements of most demanding applications, with features like easy operation, high efficiency, low losses and greater fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, customized services and stock solutions for spare parts can also be offered based on the needs of the customer.

Since the beginning of this year, SHACMAN has been tapping the potential of market demand in each segment, strengthening its product competitiveness to take its global business to the next level. 

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