MAN Truck and Bus (China) Ltd.

November 24,2010

MAN Truck and Bus (China) Ltd. with seat in Beijing along with it's Shanghai Branch Office is acting as trading and service organisation of  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG in Munich, Germany, a leading manufacturer of medium, heavy and extra-heavy trucks, specialty vehicles, commuter buses and luxury coaches as well as top notch engines and quality components.

MAN is active in China since2003, we offer comprehensive sales/marketing, technical and special assistance. A centralized technical support and spare-part centre with a growing net of strategic dealers, authorized workshops, qualified licensing and body building partners complete MAN's widespread national presence in China. Through Steyr products we have already been well known over decades, best demonstrated by an excellent branding and product awareness.

MAN and Steyr (MAN wholly owned subsidiary) currently holds a leading position as foreign supplier of components and engines, CKD-chassis know-how and technology transfer as well as CUB shipments for trucks and busses. MAN further believes in important growth and market opportunities in China while fully concentrating on the professional market with innovative technology and top quality tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

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