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January 02,2009

Scania aims to provide integrated product, not only dose Scania furnish completely vehicle, but also the after-sale service and finance service to customers. Scania has established long period partner ships with the customers, which makes win-win situation.



Scania designs, manufactures and sales the vehicles with 16 or over 16 tons. These vehicle are applied for long distance transportation, regional and local logistics distribution as well as engineering machinery and the like. 

Service and related products

Service and serviced related products are the important elements in Scania business. For example, when Scania is providing maintenance and repair service, parts and components as well as maintenance work are also provided. Customers could select different types service and maintenance contracts to sign.  


Customer finance (this item is taking in China at an initial stage)

Scania provides all kinds of finance solutions with customers. For example, lease contract or renting / purchasing contract.

Core value

Scania is famous for business value, marketing idea and work process besides vehicle, customer service and customer financing.

Scania has three core values, customer priority, quality first and human resource basic, which make up company culture and business conduct of Scania.

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