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June 02,2017

Being thoroughly tempered,Kama Automobile builds quality with ingenuity. Being fast and uncommon,Kama Automobile leads future with technology.Kama Automobile, wins glory for made-in China.What’s present to us is the magnificent factory,whose development is spectacular.Opening its heavy history:we can see all things including not only exploration, hardship, rise and turn,but also innovation, breakthrough and transcendence.It’s Kama Automobile that keeps going forward along with the rolling wheels of China's automobile industry.Forging ahead for more than 20 years, Kama Automobile has become one of the few specialized production enterprises with mini, light, medium, heavy truck, new energy automobile and multi-purpose automobile products in China.

In 2009, Kama Automobile invested 1.8 billion yuan to build 200, 000 truck and parts production bases.The domestic advanced level of stamping, welding, coating, general assembly and other automobile specialized production lines and testing lines are put into operation.More advanced intelligent equipment, more detailed process control, stricter quality management are covering the whole production process.During the great change to optimization, Kama Automobile is building quality culture with craftsmanship.High quality has been imprinted on every detail of product.Win-win cooperation is the development idea that Kama Automobile has been adhering to.

In 2010, Dongfeng Automobile Co. LTD took equity participation in Kama Automobile.

In 2011, they jointly established Shandong Dongfeng Kama Vehicle Co. LTD.The establishment of Dongfeng Kama injects new vitality into the sustainable and healthy development of Kama Automobile.Located at the junction center of Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Hunan province,Ganzhou, the red land and Songcheng (the capital of State of Song), is the frontier hinterland of the Pearl River Delta and the Min Delta radiating to the mainland with the obvious location advantages of south - north and east - west.

In March 2017, Kama Automobile invested 1.5 billion yuan,to introduce international leading production technology and advanced equipment,according to the standard planning and design of "green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-end manufacturing".It established branch in Ganzhou New Energy Science and Technology Zone with the annual production of 100,000 cars.The construction of new project will accelerate the completion of the national strategic layout of Kama Automobile,and drive the entire southern market.

In 2018, a domestic first-class commercial vehicle production base,will rise above the red hot soil of Ganzhou! While strengthening the domestic market,Kama Automobile expands international market with strategic thought,and actively integrates into the national development layout of "One Belt And One Road".

The products are exported to many countries and regions including Russia, Vietnam, India, Iran, Nigeria, Peru and Bolivia.Technology creates legendary quality,and innovation leads the infinite future.Standing at a higher starting point,Kama Automobile will take it as its own duty to make auto industry bigger and stronger,and strive to build the company into a first-class commercial vehicle production base in China,with high-tech equipment, high-performance design and high quality products.

We firmly believe that,Kama Automobile, the "horse" in the China’s auto industry,will keep going forward with vibrant strength and win glory for made-in China!

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